Image of Food Pantry donations
28 March 2024

Food Pantry donations

Image of Food Bank collection
27 February 2024

Food Bank collection

Image of Lent Liturgies
23 February 2024

Lent Liturgies

Image of Christmas Liturgies
20 December 2023

Christmas Liturgies

Image of Advent Liturgies
30 November 2023

Advent Liturgies

Image of Remembrance Day Service 2023
10 November 2023

Remembrance Day Service 2023

Image of Global Synod on Solidarity
10 November 2023

Global Synod on Solidarity

Image of Feast of All Saints
1 November 2023

Feast of All Saints

Image of Parish Mass at St. Anne's
6 October 2023

Parish Mass at St. Anne's

Image of 'Grill the Priest'
15 September 2023

'Grill the Priest'

Image of ECO update
15 September 2023

ECO update

Image of Confirmation
16 June 2023


Image of Confirmation training
7 June 2023

Confirmation training

Image of Ascension Day Mass
18 May 2023

Ascension Day Mass

Image of Holy Week Liturgies
5 April 2023

Holy Week Liturgies

Image of Chaplaincy Day
24 March 2023

Chaplaincy Day

Image of NET Ministries
22 February 2023

NET Ministries

Image of Ash Wednesday Lent Liturgies
22 February 2023

Ash Wednesday Lent Liturgies

Image of The Epiphany
6 January 2023

The Epiphany

Image of Caritas pupil training
19 December 2022

Caritas pupil training

Image of Families in Need hampers
16 December 2022

Families in Need hampers

Image of Fr. Francis Q&A
14 November 2022

Fr. Francis Q&A

Image of Remembrance Day 2022
11 November 2022

Remembrance Day 2022

Image of All Saints Day
2 November 2022

All Saints Day

Image of Caritas Award
19 October 2022

Caritas Award

Image of Mission Day Retreat
29 September 2022

Mission Day Retreat

Image of Her Majesty the Queen R.I.P.
9 September 2022

Her Majesty the Queen R.I.P.

Image of Easter card designs
14 April 2022

Easter card designs