Lesson Timings

8.40am Pupils to be in school
8.45am Registration/Form time/Assembly
9.05am Period 1
10.05am Period 2
11.05am Break
11.25am Period 3
12.25pm Period 4
1.25pm Lunch
1.55pm Period 5
2.55pm Form time
3.00pm CLOSE


The school day begins at 8.45am with a registration and assembly.

Pupils not in class for registration will be counted as late.

The school day finishes at 3.00pm and buses are arranged to depart at 3.10 -3.15pm.

Morning break is from 11.05 – 11.25am and the lunch interval is from 1.25- 1.55pm.

Total number of school hours = 31.25 hours per week


To ensure the safety of the students and staff at Mount Carmel RC High School, we have in operation an Access Control System on external doors. This system not only reduces the risk of intruders gaining access into school it helps protect the school’s property.

To enter the school in the morning students must use the doors near the Twelve Star dining room. These doors will be unlocked at 8.10am.

The other external doors will be locked-down apart from:

  • The beginning and end of the school day
  • During break and lunch time
  • Five minutes before the start of a period doors will be unlocked
  • Seven minutes after a period has started doors will be locked

If students try to gain access into the school at any other time and find that the external doors are locked they will only be able to gain access by going to the school’s pastoral office doors and informing the pastoral staff of their arrival.

The Access Control System is linked into the school’s fire alarm system and therefore all doors will automatically release in the event of a fire.