For further information regarding appeals please contact:
Mrs C Munroe, Headteacher's PA -

School Admission Appeals

The Lancashire County Council Appeals Team administers appeals for Academies, Foundation, Voluntary Aided (faith schools), Free Schools, Community Schools and Voluntary Controlled Schools across Lancashire. (Mount Carmel is a voluntary aided school.)

The team organises the independent appeals panels and co-ordinates the appeals process in line with the Schools Admissions Appeals Code.  If you wish to submit additional evidence to support your appeal, this must be received by school within 10 working days of the hearing date. The LCC Appeals Team will ensure that you receive at least 10 school days’ notice of the date for your appeal hearing, and the decision let will be sent within 5 days of the hearing. 

For further information about the appeals process, application forms and other useful information please click on this link:

School Admission Appeals Code booklet

A school admission appeal form can be located on the link below:
Word version link or PDF version link

Before completing the appeal form you should read the guidance notes for advice on what to put in your appeal and other important information.

Completed appeal forms are to be returned directly to the school marked for the attention of the Headteacher’s PA, together with any supporting information. The school will forward the document(s) to the Appeals Team who will organise an independent panel to consider the case.

Please note your completed forms should be returned to school on or before Monday 22 March 2022 to ensure your papers can be submitted to the Appeals Team by their deadline.

If you are unable to fill in an Admissions Appeal form yourself due to a disability or any language barrier you feel may compromise your submission, then help is available from the Customer Service Centre who will be able to assist you in filling out the relevant form.

The contact number for the Customer Service Centre is 0300 123 6707.

Please note that both the Contact Centre staff and the school staff are unable to advise you of your submission and the Contact Centre staff are only able to fill the form out on your behalf.

Hearing dates are strictly set in accordance with the School Admissions Appeal Code and must be met. NB: Hearing dates may be added to or removed depending on the number of applications received.