For queries regarding our Pastoral Care please contact:
Mr P Dugdale, Deputy Headteacher


At Mount Carmel, our Pastoral Care system is excellent and places the social, emotional and academic well-being of our pupils to the fore with all members of staff contributing to this system.

There are Pastoral Leaders, Assistant Pastoral Leaders and Form Tutors for each year group. These members of staff get to know their students well and they are the ideal point of communication for pupils to voice any queries or concerns. Mount Carmel also has a team of non-teaching staff dedicated to providing extra support and guidance and links with outside agencies. This provides wrap around care for pupils and families who require additional expert help and support.

Mount Carmel has a Deputy Headteacher who has responsibility for Pastoral Care and who provides support and guidance to our staff and also directly with our pupils facilitating access to specialist support services for any pupils with barriers to learning.

The Pastoral team promote effective participation, enhance individuals learning, raises aspirations and helps pupils achieve their full potential. They provide a complementary service to existing provisions that are in place within school as well as working with agencies and services all dedicated to removing barriers to learning for our young people.

To view the school Anti-Bullying and Child Protection policies along with all the other school policies – click here

Peer Mentors

We have a team of volunteer Year 10 Peer Mentors who make themselves available to other pupils who may want someone of their own age to speak to about issues that concern them. The peer mentors receive training to help them in this role and are fully supported by our Pastoral Support staff.


Mount Carmel actively works towards eliminating any form of bullying. We hold regular assemblies and have teaching resources and displays throughout school to raise the profile of this issue. We also participate in the national annual Anti-Bullying week event, which is an ideal opportunity to highlight the issue of bullying through events, competitions and resources such as our successful non-uniform BLUE day, LIKE Week, visits by professionals and other initiatives.

Useful information

If you need help try and tell someone you feel you can trust, maybe a parent, a relative, a teacher or a youth worker. Use the link below to view a wide selection of websites which offer help and advice to young people on a range of issues.