“Do to others as you would have them do to you” Luke 6:31


The care industry is the second biggest employer in the country after manufacturing , therefore this is a subject which can enable our students to continue into a relevant college place or job.
This course is designed to give students an insight into the Care Industry.  It strongly encourages British values such as empathy and tolerance of others.  It encourages independent learning and pushes students using skills such as good time management and organisational skills.  It also helps improve literacy as there is ample opportunity for reading and the learning of subject specific key words.  It also lends itself very easily to learning about spiritual, moral and social and cultural development.

Intent KS3    

KS3 curriculum
This subject is not part a of the KS3 curriculum only being offered as an option at the end of the Key Stage.

Intent KS4    

KS4 curriculum
This is an option subject.  The present course is BTEC L1/L2 Technical Award in Health and Social Care, which is associated with BTEC/Pearsons.  A curriculum has been developed to ensure that the course is ambitious, encourages all and gives ALL students the knowledge to achieve in ALL elements of the course specification which are taught throughout Y10 and Y11.  The course is sequenced into theory lessons associated with the written assessments which follow. The dates of these assessment are written into am assessment brief.  It comprises of 3 Components 
•    Component 1 - Human Lifespan Development
•    Component 2 - Health and Social Care Services and Values
•    Component 3 – Health and Well-being

How will the subject be assessed?

Formal assessment is undertaken in the form of 4 pieces of coursework:
1A - Understanding how life affects our growth and development
1B - Investigate how individuals deal with life events
2A - Understand the different types of Health and Social Care services and the barriers to accessing them
2B - Demonstrate care values and review own practice

It is also formally assessed in Y11 through an externally set exam, which is the third Component – Health and Well-being.  Students are entered for this in February in Y11 and are also entered for a re-take in May, depending on results gained in April.  Informal assessment is undertaken in lessons and as part of homework.

The subject is currently taught by subject specialists.  The assessments allow knowledge to be built up over time as key information is evident in the formal assessment.

Enrichment and / or extra curricular activities    

Students are encouraged to spent their work experience week working within the care sector and this forms the basis of their Component 2B assessment.
Some students participate in a Community Christmas lunch in December of Y11 for further insight into caring for people.

Next steps (College, University, career)    

What can the subject prepare me for?
There is clear progression route from students leaving school and going onto further and higher education and indeed straight into work through the apprenticeship schemes.  Courses are offered at both Blackburn and Accrington colleges as well as St. Mary’s 6th form College, Blackburn and other further and higher educational facilities. 
Any student who is considering going into Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Nursery work or any other job in the care industry will need to gain the Level 2 grade in this course to be able to apply for the Level 3 courses offered at the local collages.   

Additional resources    

BTEC L1/L2 Tech Award in Health and Social Care text book and revision guide