During the Year 7 Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE) day off timetable day pupils looked at the short film: "Facts of Life", which was a short film that explored themes linked to a story about friendship, new beginnings, bullying, aspiration, and the impact of social media on relationships.

The film helps young people to see their true, innate value through the eyes of God. Pupils watched a series of videos to aid and facilitate the discussions looking at the dangers of social media, and ways to be more respectful of each other both online and in person.

In the final sessions, pupils completed a mirror exercise, using images only, to represent how God sees us individually.

Mr Khan "Assistant Curriculum Leader of RE, PSHCE and RSE commented  "The pupils were highly engaged and worked exceptionally well throughout the day. They were mature and respectful. The high-quality discussions and work pupils were produced was fantastic and the RE department was really impressed with how hard working the pupils have been in their RSE lessons."

Tags: PSCHE, RSE, religious education