Mount Carmel were filmed for an article which was included in a special feature aired on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday 8th May.

Reporter Jane McCubbin visited school and interviewed a group of pupils from a range of year groups about the recent school policy which requires mobile phones to be locked away in lockers throughout the day. Jane also asked the pupils a range of questions around mobile phone usage and social media.

Mount Carmel Deputy Headteacher Mr Dugdale was then interviewed and he explained his research, surveys, discussions and planning around how he drove the idea of this policy through to actuality.

The BBC Breakfast special looked at a campaign by parents of 11 children who died after exposure to harmful online content. Media regulator Ofcom have set out plans to force tech companies to make platforms safer, protecting children online. Ofcom boss Dame Melanie Dawes has said that any company that broke the draft codes of practice would be "named and shamed", and she made clear tougher action such as banning social media sites for children would also be considered.

View the full feature on iPlayer (whilst it is still available) using this link. The section that features Mount Carmel begins at 2:39:41.

You can also read the article on the BBC news website using this link