Mount Carmel's Star of the Half Term Awards Scheme provides an opportunity for all teachers to formerly recognise a pupil in their class that has shown significant improvement in one or more than one of the following aspects; attitude towards learning, behaviour, attainment, and progress.

All teachers award a Star of the Half Term to one pupil in every class they teach. This pupil is presented with a certificate in that lesson and other pupils give them a round of applause.

The Headteacher's Stars of the Half Term are then awarded based on which boy and girl gets the most teacher star of the half term awards in each year group. 

These awards for the September to October half term were presented by Deputy Headteacher Mr Dugdale and their photographs will be displayed in frames around the headteacher's office door.

Congratulations to the following pupils who were awarded Stars of the Half Term in October 2022;

Year 7
Mahdiya N 
Charlie W

Year 8
Holly H
Lucas L

Year 9
Jessica H
Kieran McK

Year 10
Imogen F
Ibrahim N

Year 11
Iqra R
Daniel R
Congratulations to all of them and to all pupils who received a Star of the Half Term certificate from one or more of their teachers.