Our primary partnership 'Next Steps Days' for Year 6 pupils took place in September giving these primary school pupils a great insight into life at secondary school, in particular at Mount Carmel.

Around 320 Year 6 pupils came to Mount Carmel over 3 days to participate in activities based around the theme of 'Space'.

The pupils started the day being given badges stating they were trainee astronauts and they were then given missions to complete before the end of the day.

Activities included science, design technology , computing and art. The pupils also enjoyed a cooked lunch in our fantastic 'Twelve Star Diner' before completing their missions and returning to base camp in the school hall.

All pupils received certificates to recognise they had successfully completed their astronaut training and 'STAR' prizes were awarded to pupils from each school by Mount Carmel 'mission controller' (Headteacher) Captain Bowers or Captain Dugdale or Farrelly (Deputy Headteachers)!



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