5 January 2021

Following the Government announcement of a national lockdown our Headteacher Mr Bowers has issued a video update for parents detailing the following points;

- Covid Testing

- Online learning

- Log-ins/passwords

- Home learning

- Free School Meal parcels

- Year 10 iMedia exam

- Year 11 exams

- Year 11 PPE (mock) exams

Please find time to watch this video message to familiarise yourselves with the latest situation relating to pupils at Mount Carmel.

The link to the online Free School Meal Food Parcel request form as mentioned by Mr Bowers in his message is here. If you have already requested a food parcel there is no need to do that again. We will have a parcel available for collection every Tuesday during lockdown between 11 - 12. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx...


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