Year 9 participated in a virtual workshop after school with independent speaker Emma Beard and with WHYSUP and Salford City Youth Service. Emma has previously suffered from Severe Depression and Anorexia for a number of years and is passionate about raising awareness of Mental Health in the UK. By speaking in schools and businesses across the North West, Emma helps people of all ages to better understand Mental Health and Eating Disorders.

Emma shared her Eating Disorder Story with our Year 9 students, giving them a personal insight into a condition that is particularly prevalent in younger generations, in the UK and around the world. She helped them to better understand the potential causes and effects of eating disorders, as well as offering advice for those potentially suffering from an eating disorder, and to those wanting to support an eating disorder sufferer.

Emma also has connections with a small team of Mental Health speakers in the North West who cover important topics in Schools such as: Wellbeing; Addiction (substance, gaming, gambling; Eating disorders and Body Image).

If you would like to learn more or enquire about Emma and her Network’s Speaking and Workshop availability, you can get in touch with her via email: