Mount Carmel pupils from years 7-10 participated in workshops with a theme of ‘Isolation to Radicalisation’ presented by the Odd Arts company.

The workshops focused on British Values and Tolerance with an interactive theatre performance using professional actors to explore key issues around radicalisation.

The content of the workshops concentrated on media influence, male radicalisation, hate crime and Islamophobia and looked at how people can be inspired by the extreme ‘far right’ ideas.

The aims of the workshops were to help Mount Carmel pupils understand of how isolation and marginalisation increases vulnerability, to highlight how organised radical groups can influence, groom and exploit, to increase confidence in speaking out about issues related to radicalisation and to explore warning signs and triggers for radicalised (and other high risk) behaviour).

Lots of discussion opportunities were provided along with ideas and guidance of how to help someone at risk of radicalisation.

Assistant Curriculum Leader for R.E. and RSE Mr khan commented "The workshop was very hard hitting, and brilliant at exploring sensitive and controversial content in the most practical way. Our students walked away from the workshop feeling more informed on the tell-tale signs of radicalisation, and it encouraged deep and meaningful conversations with our young people."