Tim Rogers came in to Mount Carmel to speak to Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils about the tragic death of his younger brother Adam Rogers 10 years ago when he was only 24 years old.

Adam was killed in Blackburn town centre in 2009 whilst trying to act as a peacemaker and avoid a fight breaking out between his friend and a group of teenagers. His only mistake that night was trying to keep one of the teenagers away from the area where his friend was being attacked by another. Adam received a single punch from this teenager which caused him to fall with such force he suffered what was to be a fatal head injury.

Tim explained how senseless and avoidable Adam’s death had been and urged pupils to have personal responsibility and make good choices for themselves. As importantly he explained how peer power can be positive and asked them to consider being the friend in the group who is willing to stand up and be the voice of reason.

He explained that by taking personal responsibility and by helping friends make better choices to walk away from situations, bad judgements can be avoided.

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