The author, Bali Rai, came to Mount Carmel to lead on a writer’s workshop with a group of Year 10 boys and met with some of our Lancashire Book of the Year Award judging panel in Year 9 at breaktime.

Bali Rai, an award-winning author writes about the realities that he grew up in. He came to work with Year 10 pupils explaining how to ‘write like a writer’. He coaxed ideas from them regarding story writing, extending their ideas and using inanimate objects to base their stories on.

At breaktime, he met with a group of Year 9 pupils and spoke to them about life as a writer and his inspiration for becoming a writer; his inspiration for his books and also, what inspires/motivates him in his daily life.

All pupils and staff who engaged with Bali found him to be exciting, engaging and expressive; all round a great morning was had by all!