18 October 2018

Mount Carmel R.C. High School presented a cheque for £2,356.18 to Fr. Stamp and representatives from St. Joseph’s Parish Accrington, Martin Daly and Martin Cain.

The Parish has been fundraising for St. Patrick’s Secondary School in Kenya for a couple of years and has already sent donations to the school in Kenya to help them build a classroom. Current fundraising is going towards the building of a desperately needed school kitchen.

Mount Carmel set a target to raise £2,000 within a year towards the kitchen project and having exceeded this amount presented the cheque. Fundraising however will continue over the academic year with a non-uniform day planned before the half term break and a sponsored 10k run by Mount Carmel Headteacher Mr Bowers and English teacher Mrs Bowers.

To sponsor Mr and Mrs Bowers in the Accrington 10k run on 28th October or to donate to the project contact St. Joseph’s Parish or Mount Carmel R.C. High School.

Tags: chaplaincy