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Pastoral Leaders

Year 7/Transition, Mrs E Lowe
Year 8, Mr P Wickham
Year 9, Mr S Evans
Year 10, Mr D Neil
Year 11, Mr c Cottam


Religious Education
Miss L Rushton, Curriculum Leader R.E. (Maternity leave)
Mr M Khan, Lead Teacher of R.E. (Temporary)/Teaching & Learning Lead Practitioner
Mrs C Dawson, Teacher of R.E.

Miss N Sutcliffe, Curriculum Leader
Mrs J Bowers, Assistant Curriculum Leader
Miss C Hurlstone, Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mr D Neill, Teacher of English/Pastoral Leader
Miss L Fielding, Teacher of English
Miss E Cruse, Teacher of English
Miss S Robinson, Teacher of English
Mrs S Brennan, TA3 English/Cover Supervisor
Mrs K Pickup, TA3 English/Library Manager
Mrs C Ashworth, Library Manager

Ms L Robinson, Curriculum Leader
Miss B Richardson, Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mr C Goldsmith, Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mrs C Howard, Teacher of Maths
Mr F Makda, Teacher of Maths
Miss K Khan, Teacher of Maths
Mrs L Smith, TA3 Maths/Cover Supervisor
Mr M Blair, TA3 Maths/Cover Supervisor
Miss T Wylangowska, TA3 Maths/Cover Supervisor

Mrs J Bancroft, Curriculum Leader Science
Mr J Hill, Teacher of Science, Assistant Headteacher
Mr K Georgy, Teacher of Science, Assistant Headteacher
Mr A Crighton, Teacher of Science
Mr K Siddique, Teacher of Science
Mr P Wickham, Teacher of Science, Pastoral Leader
Mr D Miles, Teacher of Science

Miss J Mortensen, Curriculum Leader
Miss F Aldis, Teacher of History
Miss S Jones, Teacher of History

Mrs A McDonnell, Curriculum Leader
Miss L A Wilkinson, Teacher of Geography

Design & Technology and Art
Mr D Thompson, Curriculum Leader Art, D.T & HSC/SLE
Ms V Owen, Assistant Curriculum Leader Art & D.T.
Ms H Clarke, Lead Teacher Health & Social Care and Food & Nutrition
Miss E Mollart, Teacher of Art/Teaching & Learning Lead Practitioner

Performing Arts
Miss J Bell, Curriculum Leader
Miss A Javaid, Teacher of Music

Computing and Information Technology
Mr S Evans, Lead Teacher Computing/Pastoral Leader
Mr A Doskocz, Teacher of Computing

Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Herbert, Curriculum Leader/Teaching & Learning Lead Practitioner
Mrs D Lynas, Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mrs K Whittles, Assistant Curriculum Leader

Physical Education
Mr S Low, Curriculum Leader P.E./Teaching & Learning Senior Lead Practitioner
Mrs E Lowe, P.E. Teacher/Pastoral Leader
Mr C Cottam, P.E. Teacher/Pastoral Leader
Ms G Gallagher, Teacher of P.E.

Special Educational Needs 
Mr D Sweeney, Assistant Headteacher/SENCO
Mrs T Wild, HLTA

Teaching Assistants
Mrs K Khan
Mrs B Nicolls
Mrs S Crook
Mrs S Losardo
Miss P Simmons

Teaching Support Staff

Pastoral Team
Mr S Livesey, Assistant Pastoral Leader
Mrs J Green, Assistant Pastoral Leader
Mrs L Heys, Assistant Pastoral Leader
Mrs I Marcinkowski, Assistant Pastoral Leader
Miss N Taylor, Assistant Pastoral Leader
Mr G Ellerton, Behaviour Unit Manager

CEIAG – Mr C Barratt
Cover Supervisors – Mrs E Peel, Mr H Haidry
Library Managers – Mrs C Ashworth, Mrs K Pickup

Business & Administration

Finance Department:
Business Manager – Mr B Georgy
Assistant Business Manager – Mrs J Brewster
Finance Assistant – Miss E Procter

Partnership Manager – Mrs S Fielding

Data Manager
 – Mrs S Porter
Examinations Officer – Mrs N Takacs

Business Administration:
Headteacher’s Personal Assistant and Office Manager
– Mrs C Munroe
Human Resources Manager – Mrs H Ward

Office Administration:
Receptionist/Administration Officers – Mrs S Case, Mrs G Bond


Network Manager – Mr L Robinson
D.T. – Mr A Grasso
Science – Mr S Howarth
Reprographics – Miss E McIntyre
Food Technology/Art – Miss R Pollard
Music/Art – Mr J Smithson

Site & Kitchen Staff

Site Manager – Mr R Smith
Site Supervisor – Mr A Taylor, Mrs S Pollard
Catering Manager – Mrs C Everiss
Assistant Catering Manager – Mrs M Beckett
Welfare Assistant – Mrs N Clayton
Breakfast Club Supervisors – Mrs M Beckett & Mr S Mooring
Cleaning staff:
Mrs J Briggs
Mrs M Dean
Mrs D McWilton
Mrs S Moore
Mr B Pollard (and Lettings assistant)
Mrs M Lopes