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With Christ at the centre, the art department at Mount Carmel aims to provide all pupils with a broadly creative experience which broadens their horizons and gives them opportunities and skills for life. By studying GCSE fine art, students leave Mount Carmel with a competency in the handling of artistic material, analytical skills and the ability and desire to think and produce outside of the box.

We provide opportunities for pupils of all abilities to develop the necessary skills in researching, analysing, developing, refining and producing to meet the requirements of the national curriculum and the demands of key stage 4 fine art specification and we are committed to ensuring that each pupil meets their full potential by creating an ambitious learning environment.  

We endeavour to instil a life long passion for art into the students at Mount Carmel and take pride in creating bridges for further education and work within the creative industry.

Intent KS3

At Mount Carmel, M band students receive 20 lessons per year and C band 26 lessons per year as per our department rotation system whereby they get a real flavour of art/ design and technology and food and in key stage 4, art students receive 3 lessons per week throughout the full 2 years.

KS3 curriculum:
At Mount Carmel, pupils study an ambitious art curriculum at key stage 3 that covers a wide range of skills across 3 ‘mini projects’ per year. The students enjoy this broad and fast paced way of working and it comfortably covers the national curriculum and aims to provide pupils with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and interpret a variety of artistic techniques and movements.

KS3 pupils at Mount Carmel will study (September 2020 onwards) the topics of:
Year 7:  still life, portraiture and viewpoints
Year 8:  pop art, Mexican day of the dead and natural forms
Year 9:  identity (one longer project)

How will the subject be assessed?
At Key Stage 3, assessment takes place through the use of baseline and end of unit testing as well as teacher, peer and self- assessment throughout.

Intent KS4

KS4 curriculum:
At key stage 4, all pupils have the opportunity to explore art in their own way. We all start at the same point but students are encouraged to make their own choices and independence is encouraged to foster their own individual artistic talents. The structure of the course is as follows:

Mini project x7 weeks: food
Main project 1: (last year identity, this year culture)
Main project 2: throwback
Exam: choice of 7 themes to explore

How will the subject be assessed?
At key stage 4, assessment is ongoing through class work and homework tasks. We also complete interim assessments for each assessment objective:
A01: research
A02: trial and develop
A03: draw and annotate
A04: create a final outcome

Enrichment and / or extra curricular activities    

The art department offers the following enrichment and extra-curricular activities:

  • Breakfast revision sessions (year 11)
  • Trips 
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Lunchtime clubs

Next steps (College, University, career)    

What can the subject prepare me for?
The ability to think and produce in our world is highly regarded by employers and further education settings and GCSE art offers a great bridge into the gateway of the massive creative industry.

Artistic skills can be used in almost all areas of work, including:

  • Architecture
  • Interior/ home/ furniture design
  • Graphic design and tattoo design
  • Beauty and makeup artist
  • Artist in residence

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