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Exam Success – Summer 2018

Congratulations to the class of 2018 on their GCSE examination results and our dedicated staff who have worked so tirelessly to ensure as many pupils as possible achieve the very best results they can. We would also like to thank parents and governors for their continued support.
Once again it is very difficult if not impossible to make direct comparisons with previous years examinations. However, our initial analysis does suggest that in regards to the overall government measure of progress across 8 subjects we have made some improvements. English, computer science, drama, food and nutrition and languages appear to have performed strongly with significant improvements also evident in art and history.
This summer sees the new grade 9 (A**) awarded across most GCSE subjects. A Grade 9 is designed to recognise the very highest performing students across the whole of the country in that subject. We are extremely proud that Haider Rafiq and Sidra Nasar achieved a grade 9 in English Literature. Amazingly Sidra was awarded a grade 9 in a total of 5 subjects (English Language and Literature, French, History and RE). This is an exceptional achievement and will place Sidra as one of the highest achievers in 2018 both locally and nationally. Overall the 2018 cohort of pupils achieved 26 grade 8’s and 43 grade 7’s across a range of subjects.

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