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Religious Education

We welcome everyone into our Catholic School

Some of our students are from different Christian and non-Christian denominations and we wish for all to participate in the ethos of the school through the Religious Education Programme, in School Worship and Liturgy.

At Mount Carmel, we teach and live out our Christian ethos in our daily life and we encourage our students to take part in the active growth of their own beliefs.

Religious Education is part of, and central to, the core curriculum at Mount Carmel. At Key Stage Three, all students follow the Diocesan Guidelines as part of the Religious Education Catholic Directory. Religious Education is an academic subject and therefore has the same status, rigour and vigour as other core subjects, across all years.
It is the responsibility of the RE department and the school as a whole, to deliver to the students the experience of a Christ-centred education and develops a variety of skills by nurturing any faith in students. At Mount Carmel, as part of the individual’s faith journey, the school provides a caring and Christian environment in which the values of the Gospel are applied on a daily basis.

In addition to our comprehensive Religious Education curriculum, all students take part in daily worship through form time prayers and assemblies. On special occasions and Holy Days of Obligation, the school celebrates Mass together, as well as liturgies at the start and end of each school year. There is the opportunity for students to attend different Prayer Services during important times of the year. We aim to deliver a retreat day to each year group which contains opportunities for spiritual reflection and contemplation. Year 7 have a ‘Welcome Day’ in the Autumn Term, considering our unique Ethos and celebrate with a ‘Welcome Mass’.
We ask our parents and staff for full support shown through their understanding of the Catholic ethos and encouragement of their children becoming involved in the life of the school through prayer and worship, charity and discussion and living out the Christian nature of our school.

Relationships and Sex Education
The organisation and delivery of the Sex Education course is the responsibility of the Religious Education department, recognising and co-ordinating the part played by the teaching programmes of other subjects. This follows the guidance provided by the Catholic Education Service.