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We offer a programme of PSHCE taught through cross-curricular enrichment days and times of personal reflection to all pupils. Personal, social, health and Citizenship education (PSHCE) helps to give children the
knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. It aims to help them understand how they are developing personally and socially, tackling many of the moral, social
and cultural issues that are part of growing up. It is here that your child will learn about bullying, citizenship, drug education, healthy eating, physical activity, mental and emotional health, well-being, and
sex and relationships.
Learning opportunities take place in specific lessons as well as in assemblies, form projects, special school projects and other activities that enrich pupils’ experiences, for example, Year 9 Health and Wellbeing Day, and Key Stage 3 STEM days.
We deliver Relationships and Sex Education within both PSHCE and RE.
Here is a flavour of some of the topics we cover in our Key Stage 3 provision.
Year 7
• What is seen as a ‘healthy lifestyle?
• The risks of alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other substances
• Relationships and RSE including family relationships and puberty
– Personal Identity – British Values
– Living in the wider world, building resilience and challenging

Year 8 
– Relationships and RSE including Safe sex: consent; contraception and STIs
– Mental health and Emotional wellbeing
– Living in the wider world – careers and personal development
– Homophobia and tackling homophobia
– Prejudice, Discrimination and Stereotypes
– Internet safety

Year 9
– Relationships and SRE: Body image, child sexual exploitations, LGBTQAI+ Community
– Health and Wellbeing: Alcohol awareness, organ donation, acid attacks, dangers of sexting.
– Living in the wider world: Employability and enterprising skills
– Year 9: Health Day – RSE Focus – practicing safe sex etc.

We cover many of the topics above in more depth at Key Stage 4, and help prepare our students for upcoming examinations, delivering topics such as, revision, managing exam stress and time management.