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Physical Education

Physical Education at Mount Carmel aims to develop the full potential of every child.

Our students are encouraged in the key learning objectives (processes) of doing, thinking and social and emotional change as part of the new national curriculum, which are at the heart of each discipline and underpin the study of the subject. We identify what learners need to learn to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding in the subject.

Developing skills in physical activity, making and applying decisions, developing physical and mental capacity, evaluating and improving and making informed choices about healthy active lifestyles are the essential skills and processes that learners need to learn to make progress in the subject and this is recognised within our department.


In GCSE PE students attain a high level of success in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course and consistently exceed LEA targets. This year we gained 88% A-C the best ever!

We offer Leadership in Sport in core PE, with many of our students going on to work with our partnership primaries and volunteering at Hyndburn and Ribble Valley events.

Leadership, coaching and officiating is now a large part of Physical Education at both KS3 and KS4 and students are encouraged to take on all roles. Within lessons our students are encouraged to umpire, referee games, take warm ups and coach and teach each other. At KS3 we are introducing a new bronze, silver and gold award for Leadership which will feed into the KS4 qualifications. They are expected to evaluate and monitor each others work developing their mental capacity along side the physical aspects. A range of teaching strategies are used and offered within the units, this is evident with the high standard of our leaders. At KS4 we offer an extensive leadership programme, our students have gained the following qualifications: Orienteering Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh, Sports Leaders, Canoeing 1star, Junior Football Organisers and Cycling Leaders.


We currently have a leadership infrastructure in place; two Sports Ambassadors from each year group who form the sports council. Also each form has a Sports Captain who feeds into the student voice. Sports Captains encourage students to participate in sport at lunchtime and after school. From years 7-10 the ambassadors are bronze, during this time they have the opportunity to prove themselves as Good Ambassadors of sport. Bronze Ambassadors should :Be an excellent role model, encourage others to participate in sport, Will encourage others to volunteer in sport and attend all Sports Council meetings.

In year 11 we choose the Silver and Gold Ambassadors. The Gold Ambassadors get the opportunity to work with other Ambassadors from Schools in the area to improve both their leadership skills and sport as a whole at Mount Carmel and the surrounding area. Silver and Gold Ambassadors must organise one sporting event, to increase student participation with assistance of PE Staff, assist PE department in organising a team on sports day and during other events and should attend at least two sporting events.

At key stage 4 students are given the opportunity to select which sports they would like to participate in. Pupils are offered Health and Fitness to promote an active lifestyle and students enjoy yoga style activities, boxercise and aerobics. In year 11 students are introduced to Cardiovascular and weights equipment to motivate them and to ensure continued participation on leaving Mount Carmel.

Extra Curricular

An extensive extra curricular programme is in place. The focus in our department is not just on the talented; we have Multi Skills SEND clubs, Boccia and SEND Orienteering. This helps the students with not only their physical skills but confidence and social mixing. We have clubs as well as team practices. We have inter-form events throughout the year for all students to compete.

All borough and league competitions are entered and practices for each of these take place. We also enter the English and Lancashire Schools Cups.

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