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ICT / Computer Science

Computer Science are an essential part of our school life.

At Mount Carmel the use of ICT is recognised as a valuable tool to develop and enhance the learning experience of our students. During Key Stage 3 students enjoy one hour per week of Computer Science and at Key Stage 4, five hours per fortnight.

Aims of our ICT and Computer Science Curriculum
  • To develop, maintain and stimulate students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment of ICT and Computer Science
  • Deliver a broad, balanced, ICT and Computer Science Curriculum.
  • Deliver a programme of study which building on the work from KS2 allows progression through the Key Stages
  • Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate an understanding of the wider applications of ICT
  • Encourage students to develop problem solving and analytical skills
  • Deliver an ICT and Computer Science curriculum that follows the new curriculum in each Key Stage.

Homework is given regularly across the Key Stages to continue the development of the learning work that has taken place in the classroom.

Supporting your child’s progress

Parents can support their children through checking their planner to check homework set and ensure that it is completed.

ICT GCSE at Key Stage 4

Today, young people live in a world of technology and know how to use it. The GCSE ICT moves them from ‘how to use it’ to exploring how technology is created and the effects it has – not just in their daily lives, but in everything from commerce and communication, to politics and the music industry.

Students learn:

  • What ideas and resources are needed to create the latest technologies, by exploring companies such as Apple or Google.
  • Examine how people and organisations solve problems using ICT tools and techniques
  • Explore a variety of technologies that interest them, from communication tools, like Facebook and the Internet to tools predicting natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • Investigate the impact which ICT has on society and develop transferable skills such as problem solving and thinking logically and critically.

The engaging content and interactive activities ensure students will enjoy learning ICT and achieving their qualification.

The qualification is assessed in three units:
Unit 1: 1 hour 30 minute exam – 40%
Unit 2: Controlled Assessment Task – 30%
Unit 3: Controlled Assessment Task – 30%