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Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care is part of our Key Stage 4 Curriculum

This practical and comprehensive qualification features a broad, overall introduction to health, social care and early years, and also offers flexibility for learners to specialise if they choose.

The GCSE enables students to: 

  • Actively engage in the process of Health & Social Care to develop as effective and independent learners.
  • Understand aspects of personal development and the Health & Social Care and early years sectors through investigation and evaluation of a range of services & organisations.
  • Develop a critical and analytical approach to problem solving within the Health & Social Care & early years sectors.
  • Examine issues that affect the nature and quality of human life including an appreciation of  diversity and cultural issues.

Unit title

A911 Health and Social Care and Early Years Provision
 Controlled assessment, weighting 60%

A912 Understanding Personal Development & Relationships
– Written examination, weighting 40%

There is a big focus on early years and it is essential that pupils find a placement working in this sector as their 60% coursework relates specifically to this.

Next steps

GCSE Health & Social Care is an ideal qualification for those who want a broad background in health & social care and the course of study prescribed by this specification can be undertaken by candidates entering this vocational area for the first time. It is designed to enable students to make valid personal choices upon completion of the qualification and to progress to further education, training or employment.

It provides a suitable basis for further study in this subject or for related courses.

Examples of employment to which a GCSE in Health & Social Care might progress include:

  • Nursery Nurse
  • Care Assistant
  • Childminder
  • Pre-school
  • Nursery School Assistant

The GCSE could contribute towards meeting the entry requirements for training for nursing and professions such as occupational therapy,  physiotherapy or pharmacy

It could also contribute towards meeting the entry requirements for teaching and working with people with disabilities.

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