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Food Technology

During Key Stage 3 all students spend ¼ of the school year in Food Technology the rest of the year in other elements of Design Technology.

Year 7

Introduction to basic food preparation skills, through booklet and practical work

  • Safety and use of knives and other basic equipment; fruit salad and couscous salad are produced in practical lessons whereas theory lessons are spent learning about the main classifications of fruit and vegetables.
  • Use of the oven – Fruit Crumble this recaps the use of fruit whilst introducing new skills such as the rubbing in method and oven safety.
  • Mini design project & weighing and measuring – sweet and savoury scones which introduces creativity in the medium of food.

Year 8

Cereals and Staple Foods

  • Experiments – a couple of experiments are conducted on cooking methods using rice and potatoes
  • Practical lessons – use staple foods in the form of pasta, rice and bread
  • Design a Healthy Pizza –  students design a pizza whilst thinking about reducing salt and fat and increasing fibre and vegetable intake into a homemade pizza.

Year 9

Students learn about World Foods and traditional dishes from several countries in the World

  • Sauces – products are made using both white and tomato based sauces which are commonly used European Countries. Work is also undertaken as to how food can be sourced locally to produce World Foods.
  • Curry – different curries from around the world are discussed and a curry of choice is made
  • Muffins – this is the design product in Year 9 where students are encouraged to produce a batch of muffins using a flavour combination.
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