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At Mount Carmel, our aim within the English department, is to empower students to be independent learners who are self-motivated and enthusiastic in their studies.

The department is made up of a team of teachers with a broad range of experience and expertise. We endeavour to make all lessons stimulating and challenging for students through a wide variety of engaging activities.

Our philosophy is to make all pupils feel valued, and regardless of their ability, believe in themselves to achieve their personal potential.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, the department aims to increase students’ proficiency in the three major areas of: speaking & listening, reading and writing. Students are taught in sets, allowing teaching and learning to be matched to ability. Units of work last for a half term with assessments at the end of each topic. Key Stage 3 provides the foundation for success at GCSE, so the aim is to develop the skills and technical accuracy necessary. As such, there is a great emphasis on the teaching of spellings, punctuation and grammar, as well as broadening the cultural awareness of our pupils through carefully selected reading material and research tasks. Pupils in Key Stage 3 also have regular access to the school library as part of a structured reading scheme.

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The Key Stage 3 Medium Term Overview (Autumn Term)

The Key Stage 3 Medium Term Overview (Spring Term)

The Key Stage 3 Medium Term Overview (Summer Term)

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Key Stage 4

The ability to communicate effectively, using both spoken and written formats, is essential in today’s world. During Key Stage 4, students at Mount Carmel continue to build on the skills to achieve this. All students are provided with opportunities to: talk and listen in a variety of contexts and for a range of purposes; study a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts; write for a variety of purposes and in a variety of forms.

English Language (8700)
Due to forthcoming changes in the English GCSE, from September 2015 students will complete a linear course with examinations taken at the end of Year 11. There are no longer different tiered GCSE entries in this subject; all students will complete the same examination papers at the end of the course.

http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resources/english/specifications/AQA-8700-SP-2015.PDF – See page 10 for the course overview

English Literature (8702)
Students will also study the AQA English Literature GCSE Specification (8702) in order to obtain a second GCSE which counts towards their Progress 8 score. From September 2015, English Literature GCSE will also be a linear course with examinations taken on completion of the course. There is no tiered entry in this subject; all students complete the same two examination papers.

http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resources/english/specifications/AQA-8702-SP-2015-V1-1.PDF – See page 7 for the course overview