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Design Technology

Our Design Technology department underwent a £250,000 refurbishment during the Autumn Term of 2014.

This means we have state of the art equipment in a dedicated building housing design specialism’s, Resistant Materials, Product Design, Catering & Textiles.  This allows the students at our school to sample all aspects of Design and Manufacture whether the material is hardwood/denim/acrylic or flour, then branch off into their chosen aspect for GCSE, delivered by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced staff.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 all pupils will experience 3 hours per fortnight of dedicated design and manufacture time. All pupils will experience a variety of design tasks that allow them to be challenged and creative whilst learning new skills and techniques. These skills and techniques will be built upon year after year until they can choose to develop their chosen craft further with more challenging and exciting design tasks. These design tasks have been developed to look at both the traditional methods of manufacture running along side the cutting edge 3D CAD/CAM.

Key Stage 3 projects include…

Year 7
  • Laminating photo frame holder – a project based around veneers of English oak and formed to show the possibilities of materials.
  • Acrylic Pocket Torch – Pupils experience ergonomics and electronics within design to manufacture a hand held torch.
Year 8
  • Personal Gadget Holders – CAD/CAM is the emphasis in this project with the pupils experiencing state of the art equipment to accurately produce an item specific gadget holder.
Year 9
  • USB Pen design – With GCSE’s around the corner all pupils are asked to design and manufacture a new casing for an existing USB pen drive. Within this design task a mixture of ergonomics and CAD or used along side each other to manufacture the product
  • 3D Clock – Pupils are to use there skills and understanding of material properties and manufacturing methods to design a 3D clock for a surrounding of their choice.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 GCSE design aspects…

Resistant Materials GCSE

In year 10 all students are taught the traditional methods of manufacturing when designing and making an equipment holder using a combination of materials. The holder is then used to house the pupil’s equipment for the next two years in the design studios. Placing an emphasis on traditional methods and values. The pupil’s are then tasked with designing a personal storage device using 3D technology. This allows a direct comparison between manufacturing methods and techniques when using different materials and processes.

In Year 11, pupils are allowed to choose their specific GCSE design task. The pupils will then choose the material that suits the design best and the manufacturing methods that are required to produce the best standards possible.

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