Mount Carmel is the Roman Catholic High School serving the people of Hyndburn.

With Christ at the heart of our community, we believe in the worth and dignity of each individual. Our aim is to nurture their gifts and talents by providing a caring, challenging and stimulating environment in which effective teaching and learning takes place.

We seek to encourage our students to witness Christ’s teaching and to participate in building the Kingdom of God.

Visitors always comment on the warm welcome they receive and the ‘family’ atmosphere at Mount Carmel.

We are proud that we offer a safe and stimulating learning environment so that pupils enjoy coming to school, are visibly happy and extremely proud of their school as well as being proud of themselves and their many achievements.

  • Pastoral Leaders. Assistant Pastoral Leaders and Form Tutors are focused on all aspects of achievement, well-being and behaviour as well as day to day issues
  • Approximately 80 prefects in Year 11 help staff ensure that everybody is safe and happy.
  • A very active and supportive PTFA group meet regularly and support numerous school events.
  • Parents’ evenings are provided as a chance to speak to your child’s teachers about their progress.



Faith is important to us at Mount Carmel. It is the foundation of our beliefs and practices. We embed our faith into our daily lives.

We practice collective worship with form group assemblies, year groups assemblies and paraliturgies. We celebrate Holy Days for example Our Lady of Mount Carmel day and key periods in the Liturgical calendar such as Advent, Christmas and Lent.

We offer faith in all forms at Mount Carmel. We offer opportunities for pupils to consider their own faith, think about faith of others and think about bigger issues in life. We let them consider opportunities and the vocations they may have as young adults.

We make connections between religious education, pastoral and all aspects of school life.

We have an active GIFT team in school made up of pupils wishing to celebrate their faith. They help support form tutors and provide reflection for use in form and around school. They support Parish Priests when delivering Mass in school.

We also have an active Youth YSVP group and with the GIFT team get involved in events such as the Community Christmas Party. Our YSVP also visit local care homes, Roughlee and Springhill.

We believe as a Catholic school it is our duty to care for one another and provide for those less fortunate than ourselves. We believe this is a way of expressing God’s love and following Jesus’ teaching of loving one another.

We take part in many fundraising events for charities both locally and globally.

In all years, the curriculum is broad and balanced. The range of subjects offered ensure that pupils can follow pathways which prepare them for the future.

In addition, the curriculum is extended by offering a wide offer of clubs and activities after school. Higher attaining students are stretched by more challenging teaching and an enhanced extra-curricular programme. Individual support programmes are developed for pupils with additional needs to break down barriers to learning and enrichments to the curriculum include subject specific visits as well as team building residential trips to a wide range of places including Poland, Lockerbie, Greece, Spain, Holland and France.