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Were you ever a student at Mount Carmel RC High School, Paddock House Grammar School or Holy Family Secondary Modern?

Do you know any former students?

Mount Carmel RC High School has set up Mount Carmel Alumni for ex-students of the school, of any age who are interested in helping the school by means of mentoring current pupils, offering career advice, catching up with old friends, fundraising or just keeping in touch.

The way it works is that you sign up, providing a brief profile of your career route, achievements and your email contact. Then you’ll receive a termly newsletter via email from Mount Carmel.

By staying in touch, you hear about what’s happening at your old school as well as having the opportunity to help and inspire the present school community.

Find out more by contacting
Mr P Wickham at p.wickham@mountcarmelhigh.lancs.sch.uk and join our alumni network.

There is no obligation to join or to take part in activities but it would be good if you could.


Download our Alumni leaflet for full details

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